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MACA helps empower communities around the world by working with local leaders and providing education, resources and networks to help create effective solutions to local problems.

MACA - Medical Ambassadors of Canada Association has been collaborating with communities around the globe since 1989. MACA is a registered non-profit Canadian charity that acts as infrastructure to deliver CHE community development programs. CHE is a holistic training approach practiced in over 80 countries around the world. 

How is MACA different from other non-profits that provide community development programs?

We are proactive. We do not offer reactive solutions or a band-aid; MACA offers education, resources, and networking that allows communities to discover their own solutions and create meaningful answers to problems.

We contextualize CHE specifically to the region, political environment, and community in order to make projects effective, sustainable and meaningful.

MACA's goal is to help foster community ownership and self-reliance. 

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From the blog

Jun 01

Psychological First Aid Training Available now!

Psychological First Aid – PFA MACA has produced online training programs in Psychological First Aid…

""We need to have the mentality of wholism – serving, and addressing the needs of the whole person - all the time.  It must become a life-style.”"

- Regional Coordinator, "G"