What is CHE?

CHE: Community Health Evangelism/Education

CHE is a best practice model for integrating Evangelism and discipleship into community based development.

The CHE model began in Africa in the 1980s. CHE has spread around the global and is currently being practiced in many other parts of the world, as it proves to be adaptable to other cultures and contexts. 

Today CHE is being used by churches, denominations, mission agencies, non-government organizations and national and local governments. CHE offers the motivation to lift communities out of cycles of poverty and disease.

So what is CHE?

  • A process
  • A program
  • A person

CHE helps collaborate and empower community leaders with knowledge to impart on their community. CHE trains trainers to engage with their community using holistic principles to meet the challenges presented and identified by the community itself.

The trainer facilities the community through the process of identification, concerns, and evaluating plans for the future using the resources in their locality.

The CHE process values self sufficiency, community ownership and community responsibility. CHE establishes an organic infrastructure into a community that helps a community to function well; and if a disaster should strike the CHE communities are organized and prepared to help.

God can transform a person’s life – what can a person do to help transform their community?

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""We need to have the mentality of wholism – serving, and addressing the needs of the whole person - all the time.  It must become a life-style.”"

- Regional Coordinator, "G"