Board at AGM in Canmore, Alberta

Board at AGM in Canmore, Alberta

The Medical Ambassadors of Canada Association is overseen by a Board of Directors.

Board members provide strategic direction and monitor organizational plans and activities.

The board is made up of:

  • Board Chairperson
  • Executive Director/Administrator
  • Several Directors at Large

Our Board of Directors deeply values and takes into consideration suggestions from coordinators working in the field. All regional coordinators are members of the Board Advisory Council. In addition to the regional coordinators MACA has asked individuals with extensive knowledge in cross-cultural ministries with international mission experience to serve on the Advisory Board.

MACA governance convenes at least once per year at our annual general meeting (AGM).

If you would like to know more about our Board of Directors, Board Advisory Council or have expertise you would like to contribute to MACA please contact us

Annual General Meeting

Board and Advisory council at AGM

Board and Advisory council at AGM

In order for projects to be meaningful, successful and sustainable for a community, MACA creates goals that are relevant to the region, context and desires of a community.

The MACA AGM brings board directors and coordinators in the field together to discuss projects and match resources with expectations. This is when the Board of Directors approves programmes and projects brought forward for funding. The coordinators are closely in touch with each group of trainers in each country they work in; they are the backbone of MACA’s information and delivery system. 

""We need to have the mentality of wholism – serving, and addressing the needs of the whole person - all the time.  It must become a life-style.”"

- Regional Coordinator, "G"